Stop Architecs offers full in-house expertise and qualifications in Interior Design, Project Management, and maintain five-star customer service with design.

What we do

Stop Architecs is a global, full-service architecture firm that is recognized for excellence in technical expertise, sustainable designs, and the delivery of large-scale projects.


Stop Architecs has the passion and deep understanding for the respect of your environment to transform neighborhoods and elevate the lives of those living in where we construct.

About Stop Architecs

Stop Architecs strives to maintain top-quality customer service as we provide expert architectural design in respect for both short and long-term clients. Founded in 1998, Stop Architecs is a full service Architecture firm in New York that provides complete professional design services to clients around the globe.

As communication and understanding the needs of our clients is a top priority, Stop Architecs provides them with design and technical expertise through professional representation. Our reputation has led us to the opportunity to expand our clientele base and projects.

With a diverse list of projects and satisfied clients, we have achieved and a high reputation of providing unique design and excellent service that has resulted in continuous referral clientele in addition to repeat clients.

We use design to help enrich the lives of people and help organizations reach success. Our mission is to deliver professional design ideas and solutions for our clients through the blend of our client’s needs, value creation, and environmental stewardship.

Stop Architecs continues to maintain a solid reputation for delivering exceptional architectural design services as the firm’s extensive resume offers services to various clients including homeowners, private sector industrial, office, manufacturing, and more.

Our architects and designers are experienced and are experts at identifying the needs and program requirements that translate into responsive design solutions. The design team is experienced in translating the knowledge into responsive design solutions and deliver results that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

With a fresh perspective, Stop Architecs focuses on how people live to create human design solutions for work and play. We believe that architecture is tied to our way of life. It is our mission to provide clients all over the world with highly functional intuitive design solutions that are open to the constant evolution.

We are committed to delivering sustainable and high-performance communities, structures and environments that exceed the expectations of our clients and enhance the health of our planet.


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