a1Stop Architecs offers full in-house expertise and qualifications in Interior Design, Project Management, and maintain five-star customer service with design. We are a quality architecture firm based in New York and have continued to work with clients across the globe. 

Founded in 1998, Stop Architecs is dedicated to providing quality of design, efficiency, and services to our clients. We understand the importance of characteristics of a site and meet the client’s requirements. 

Stop Architecs has the passion and understanding for the respect of your environment to transform homes and elevate the lives of those living in where we construct. We design well thought-out buildings that allow communities to grow and support further connection, engagement, and benefit to the community. 

With nearly 10,000 projects, Stop Architecs continues to grow as a firm as we have made industrial buildings as well as creative multifamily housing as the primary focus of our brand. 

Our mission is to not only achieve the budget and functional needs of our clients but to also to fulfill our responsibility as architects towards the city and environment. We invest time during the briefing stage as we must establish the requirements of building population, the need of use, space requirements, expansion, etc.